No agricultural newspaper combines tradition and progress like Lancaster Farming. Founded in 1955, the printed newspaper averages over 148 pages each week, filled with farming news, features, markets and classified ads. Whether you’re looking for the latest research on powdery mildew, a pie recipe from a fellow reader, a good deal on a tractor, or a comprehensive auction listing, Lancaster Farming keeps you connected to rural life. Change is constant, but it doesn’t have to happen at the peril of principle and practice. Appreciation for that balance is why Lancaster Farming has been thriving for nearly 70 years.

Today, Lancaster Farming operates both in print and online with a wide variety of marketing services to satisfy the needs of any business or independent farmer. Through our marketing solutions, you can reach potential customers who have interests that align with your business, such as dairy farming, swine management, cattle husbandry, pest control, no-till, nutrient management, cooking, faith, antique tractors, auctions, and so much more. Our advertisers know that marketing with Lancaster Farming, through print and digital, truly “makes the phone ring.”

Award-winning publications & Digital Platforms

In 2023, the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association named Lancaster Farming its sweepstakes winner. Winning the sweepstakes is a significant accomplishment; Lancaster Farming bested the Pittsburgh Business Times, Chesapeake Bay Journal, Harrisburg Magazine, and other niche news organizations.

The Keystone Media Awards reinforce excellence by individuals in the news media profession by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving readers while faithfully fulfilling its First Amendment rights and responsibilities. In 2023, seven Lancaster Farming journalists won a total of eighteen Keystone Media awards for excellence in reporting.

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Partner Organizations

Lancaster Farming is owned by Steinman Communications, dedicated to providing news and information services. Steinman Communications is owned by the Steinman family, who, for over 200 years, have operated a wide variety of businesses that serve the needs of local communities.

Lancaster Farming is printed by its sister company, Susquehanna Printing, also owned by Steinman Communications. Susquehanna Printing is the region’s leading commercial printer specializing in coldset newsprint and digital printing, plus direct mail, binding, and finishing.

The Steinman Foundation builds on the family’s centuries of support for the local community. The Steinman Foundation provides grants in the areas of STEM economic and workforce development, early childhood development, community stewardship, local journalism, and media literacy.

Lancaster Farming has partnered with LNP Media Group for decades to provide our advertisers with highly effective digital agency marketing services, such as paid search, social media marketing, email marketing and much more.