Digital Advertising

Digital Adverstising is the companion website to the Lancaster Farming newspaper. The site has a dedicated national audience interested in agricultural news and in sharing their products and services. This creates a close-knit ag community you cannot find anywhere else. With a dedicated audience of over 155,000 unique visitors each month, your brand’s digital message is guaranteed to be delivered to customers interested in what your business offers.

Unique Visitors Every Month
The #1 reason our readers visit is to read the ads!

Between the digital classifieds, our most visited section, and our free-for-subscribers marketplace, known as Mailbox Markets, the majority of our readers flock to the website to post and see the latest products and services our community offers. This creates the perfect environment to place your digital ads.

Because of our niche audience, our digital ads are up to 3 times more effective than the national average! 

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to guarantee the amount of times your ads are viewed by Lancaster Farming’s niche audience. Not only can we report on how successful your ads are, but we can also target your ads to display for readers who live in a specific geographic region. If you don’t have someone to design your ads, we will create them at no additional charge.

Banner ad sizes:

  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Mobile leaderboard: 320×50
  • Medium rectangle: 300×250

File Types: JPG, GIF, PNG, or HTML5

We suggest ordering at least 20,000 impressions over one month to see the best results on your campaign but we can work with you to determine what best fits your goal and budget.

Your ads will rotate through various locations on the homepage and other pages on the website, including articles with other ads that are running. Ads will not appear in one specific spot consistently.

What if I do not have a website for my digital ads to click through to?

There are multiple solutions to this issue:

  • Business Directory Listing ¬ A microsite on with your business’s information.
  • Printed Document – We can take any document and host it on our site free of charge.
  • Social Media Page – Any social media page you would like your banner ad to click through to. If you do not have a social media page, we can set one up for a fee.
Reveal Ads

Be the first thing readers see on The reveal billboard is the highest impact and most exclusive digital ad position available on our website. This large, page-width ad pulls down from the top of every page and is shown to every user who visits during a 24-hour period. The reveal billboard will remain open until the reader scrolls down the page. Because of its consistent and prominent location, these ads get a significantly higher click through rate to your website compared to banner ads. This ad position is ideal for promoting upcoming events, sales, grand openings, and any other large promotion that your business has throughout the year.  

Collaborative Content

Have your own sponsored article on promoting your business. You work with our team to help write an article about a topic that pertains to your business.

What’s included with your Collaborative Content:

  • Personalized article will be prominently featured on’s homepage for three 24 hour periods.
  • Digital ads that link to your website.
  • Content permanently hosted on
  • Option for the article to be published in Lancaster Farming newspaper for additional fee.
  • Full report one month after purchase, including pageviews, impressions, and clicks.

Business Directory

When our dedicated readers are looking for top businesses in any ag-related industry they come to Lancaster Farming. The best way to be at the top of that trusted list is by being featured in the Business Directory. You will host your own ‘microsite’ on which can include any information or media you would like, including videos, images, and promotions. Additionally, you will have your information scrolling through with other trusted featured businesses on our homepage and at the top of the Business Directory.

Benefits of the Business Directory include:

  • Your business is associated with Lancaster Farming, the most trusted source for ag-related sales and services for 65 years.
  • Listing shows up on search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Prominent placement on’s homepage and business directory page.
  • Business description and logo.
  • Location map.
  • Business category.
  • Hours of operation.
  • List of payments your business accepts.
  • Social media links.
  • Menu or product links.
  • Options to add awards, events, images, videos and testimonials.

Hemp Podcast Sponsorship

Looking to reach customers in the hemp industry or selling hemp-derived products? Consider sponsoring the most popular national hemp podcast online, Lancaster Farming’s Industrial Hemp Podcast. We will work with you to create a script and produce an ad with recording and mixing included. When it’s complete, we will distribute the podcast through multiple podcast platforms and publish it to with a link to your website which stays up permanently.

Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast

Podcast Sponsorships Include:

  • Your choice of 30 sec. or 60 sec. recording.
  • Your ad spot can be heard at the beginning of the episode, in the middle or both (depending on availability) and will be read by the show’s host.
  • We help you to write a message that maximizes your time and effectiveness.
  • All episodes and sponsor ads stay online permanently, which means they continue to attract new listeners each and every day!
  • Each episode you sponsor will have a direct link to your website displayed on our site.
  • Our shows, and your message, will be distributed through iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, Castbox, Podcast Addict and more…without any additional cost to you!

Listen to one of our podcasts here.

Homepage Takeover

Homepage Takeover ads are displayed in every banner ad spot on the homepage of for a set period of time. This gives your business great visibility on the site.

E-Edition Email Ads

Each Friday our devoted newspaper subscribers receive an email notification providing a link to a digital replica of the paper we call our ‘E-Edition.’ When they open the email, your ad will be the first thing readers see before they jump in to read the latest edition.

E-Edition Ads

Each week an exact electronic replica of Lancaster Farming is uploaded to the website.  When browsing articles on the E-Edition, readers will see your featured ad displayed at the top and bottom of the page.

Email Newsletter Sponsorship

Lancaster Farming delivers the latest news articles to anyone that has subscribed to our e-newsletter lists. There are several different e-newsletters sent out for different ag industries including beef, dairy, family, hemp, Mid-Atlantic Horse, poultry and general headlines. You can choose whichever topic best fits your business. Reach thousands of subscribers daily, weekly or monthly and be the first thing they see in their inbox.

Email sponsorship banner on an email marketing campaign

What’s included with your e-newsletter Sponsorship:

  • Prominent ad placement at the top and bottom of the email with your ad linking to your website
  • Performance report included upon request showing email amount of emails successfully sent to, open rate and CTR (click through rate) on your ad.
  • Choice between monthly topical newsletters (beef, dairy, family, hemp, Mid-Atlantic Horse, poultry) or our general weekly headlines newsletter (usually articles from A section of that week’s paper).
Real Estate, Recruitment, and Auto

Lancaster Farming readers are most likely to purchase products or services in the following categories:

  • Employment
  • Tractors & equipment
  • Autos & vehicles/ motor vehicles/ used motor vehicles
  • Real estate/ residential properties/ residential properties

These are our most popular sections in our weekly newspaper so it is no surprise these same pages are what our readers are most likely to buy.

farm house with field and silo

Auctions are hugely popular with our readership, both in the paper and online. Online listings are updated weekly on

Auction Categories:

  • Auctions and estate sales
  • Antique auctions
  • Auctions
  • Public and estate sales
  • Livestock sales
Hospice Auction

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  • 25-34 17.97% 17.97%
  • 35-44 16.78% 16.78%
  • 45-54 19.3% 19.3%
  • 55-64 21.46% 21.46%
  • 65+ 17.57% 17.57%

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