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To deliver cutting-edge digital campaigns, Lancaster Farming is a local digital marketing agency that is Google Certified and a Google Partner. Our organization is also Meta Certified on Facebook and Instagram. Your Lancaster Farming sales rep will work closely with you to make sure all your digital campaigns are optimized for best performance.

Together, Lancaster Farming combines first hand ag knowledge and digital knowledge to precisely target your ideal customers by geography, demographics, job titles, interests and more. For every campaign, we provide a complete KPI (key performance indicators) report showing engagement and results so you’ll know the exact ROI of your expenditure.

Our Services

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You pick the number of impressions that fit your goal and budget. Ads are displayed randomly across the website (run of site) or targeted to specific positions, sections, or users within a defined geography.

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Reach mobile customers with location-based targeting that can be as tightly defined as a 50-meter radius. If you want to reach people who will be at a competitor, at a farm show, or at any other location, we can show them your ads.

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Targeted Display Advertising

Reach digital audiences across the web. Banner or video ads delivered on high traffic websites using precision targeting by geography, age, income, education level, interests, behaviors, keywords, and more.

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Paid Search

Generate immediate leads by presenting your ads to people who are searching for your exact products or services.

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Social Media Marketing

Deliver targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms. Ideal for raising brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating leads.

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Email Marketing

Deliver a custom designed email to over 25,000 recipients targeted by location, job type, demographics, interest, and more. Following the initial email, retargeting ads are deployed to those who engaged with the email.

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Retargeting ads will follow people who have visited your website as they travel to other websites, drawing them back to your site. Re-engaging these potential customers will encourage them to return and convert. Consistent retargeting is highly effective in turning prospects into customers.

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Targeted video ads that are served before and during streamed TV programs. Reach an audience that is highly engaged with video content.

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Professional photography provides authentic and striking visual assets for your website, e-commerce store, and print and digital marketing materials. Using unique, professional photography elevates your brand’s image in a way that mediocre stock imagery can never achieve.

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Video marketing brings your vision to life, whether it’s through brand videos, TV commercials, website videos, or pre-roll video ads. We offer custom video shooting and production.